Sketch it out

Storyboarding is the best way to begin any creative design project. Movies, prototyping and even motion animation. As creative designers our main objective is to have a user journey, designing an experience for the viewer or the user. 

Let’s start with the basic of creating a storyboard when designing prototypes begin with a rough sketch to put all the ideas on paper, the main purpose is what would our users’ journey be when using the app. Why are designers redesigning the app in the first place? 

Reviewing the Stop&Shop app, what were the issues for my users? Begin to think about the basic screens that were not usable or tricky to use. By recreating those screens you can begin to determine the rest of the journey. 

According to Nielsen, usability studies show that early-stage changes are about 100 times cheaper than changes made in later stages of aproductd evelopment process. As the old proverb goes:

“A stitch in time saves nine.”


After determining how the journey should be with the redesign of the app, I was regretting choosing to use InVision. I am used to Adobe XD but instead, I chose to attempt to learn something new. I reviewed tutorials and began sketching basic screens using InVision’s freehand tool on my iPad using the iPencil. 

As a designer, we should take the easier way out, reflecting on this past week’s growth I believe that a paper prototype would have been easier to translate into an InVision artboard. 

Reviewing the prototype I was able to discover the missing pieces for the usability of the entire app. By reviewing the prototype before designing the last finishing touches, I was able to save time, and eventually money, before designing and “finishing”