Visualize the research

Visualize the Research

Wire Frames
  • It presents the information that will be displayed on the page
  • It gives the outline of the structure and layout of the pages
  • It conveys the overall direction and description of the user interface
Invision Free Hand

After creating the IA structure for app design, there are do’s and don’ts when continuing the process of a redesign. 

Keep in mind the research the UX designer did in the beginning stages, doing all that work was not for nothing. Creating all the screen wireframes is based on what previous users have problems with, the layout or the features being hard to find. 

In the Stop & Shop app, many of the features advertised are hard to find or not to the extent users would like. In order to fix that for the final product, designers worked on the potential flow of when designing the IA structure. Following this organization, continue developing what the screens may look like before you begin prototyping. It is always a good idea to get feedback from people not involved with the project to ensure easy use. Remember, this is for the potential to have new users using the application, or getting back old users. 

“A wireframe is a two-dimensional illustration of a page’s interface that specifically focuses on space allocation and prioritization of content, functionalities available, and intended behaviors.

When designing wireframes, designers always learn what potentially can hurt the designer or unnecessary information that takes time, when it is not needed yet. 

Don’t skip screens when creating wireframes because you feel like it is unnecessary. When creating the prototype later in the process it will be easier to determine if the ‘skeleton’ matches the overall flow and design of the final product. Designers should always think ahead to make a process easier for them and the coders that begin the process later after the UX designers do the background work. 

As designers, we love to hop on the computer and quickly open InVision or our Adobe Creative Suite, do not rush. Designing is an art, and basic art is a pen and paper, it is faster to quickly erase a mistake and change something then putting in work perfecting alignment and then realizing it does not make sense for the feature. 

You are designing with the user in mind, remember the purpose of the redesign and the message that is being advertised.

Reviewing the user research and persona interviews, I decided to try to match the style of the competitor’s layout of their app. Based on their reviews it was easy to navigate and find the features that the company highlights in the description on the app store.

How to begin

Information architecture (IA) is a science of organizing and structuring the content of the websites, web and mobile applications, and social media softwareRead More

Empathize with the user



Knowing how the market works will benefit any designer in the industry. When it comes to UX/UI design having basic marketing skills you will be able to perfect the design and how to market the said product. 

When improving an app or website to improve the user experience, understanding the market gap of your competitors and your client will help reach the overall goal of the project. 

I use the Stop & Shop app regularly when I go shopping, I like to see the weekly deals and what coupons are available. However, I feel like it’s not really user friendly and my designer brain does not like the design and layout of the app itself. 

Reviewing the customer reviews, many others have similar thoughts that I have towards the app. One of the main reasons why I still use the app is because I prefer Stop & Shop over any other grocery store. Some of the other grocery stores that have similar application features that actually work does sway me to consider their app solely on the fact that it is easier to use. Read More

Find the difference

The computer began to develop in the early 1800s but was not user friendly until the development of the first ‘Apple’ (link) computer, which was the first computer to have a moveable and clickable mouse. 

Today, the average person would have a hard time learning to use only code and keys to use certain applications on a computer, so the development of the mouse made it easily accessible to an average consumer. 

Thus, the idea of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers were born. 

‘User experience’ encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products. 
– Cognitive scientist Don Norman

There are many arguments and conversations about the difference between UX/UI design, but is there an actual difference? Are these disagreements and ideas since job listings are confusing when using one of these as a job title?Read More

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